Mid-Century Modern Influenced Fashion

Mid-century modern is an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. Many fashion brands developed their collections influenced by this style. It is very much about simple line, shapes, and color blocks ( neutral or bright contracting colors ). Today I want to show you some fashion pieces are influenced by mid-century Modern style. Read More »

Rock and Roll These 5 Looks | Style + Shopping

In term of fashion, my favorite color is Black. She is an easy-going girl. You can wear just her for your whole outfit, or you can mix her with other colors, she is perfect for both. Black is also the signature color of rocker style :  metal accessories, extreme footwear, and leather jackers. It’s different from the Hollywood glamour rocker style, which I am thinking of doing a special post on that topic. Let me know if you are interested.Read More »

“Arty Puppets” by Karl Lagerfeld | Fendi F/W 2015-16 Ad Campaige

When I opened my newest Bazaar magazine ( August,2015)  , I saw this amazing, interesting, creative ads by Fendi. I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ! Why I love it? Let’s start from the set. The puppets are wired, but I love them. They are like geometric form of Hopi Tihu. Black background defiantly make the puppets and clothes pop up. Models and makeup: Kendall and Lily are extremely beautiful as always. I like they only have the cat-eye makeup and keep everything else simple. Showcase items:  It’s Fendi, no explanation needed, right ?Read More »

In The Nude | OOTD

I am really into the minimal look recently. So when I put on this Cap Sleeve mini shirt/dress, I was trying to keep it really simple: khaki Wedges, a boxy handbag, and some gold accessories. What I love about the shirt is the high waist, so it makes my legs look long. haha. It also come with a darker nude color belt, I just didn’t put it on. Guess how much is the shirt ? $5.49 . Whaaaaaaaaat ? I know. It’s actually the same company I got this top. This company is mind-blowing cheap, but after received 2 packages ( 9 items ) from them, i feel there are tricks to make the whole shopping experience better. So I am planning to do a review on all the 9 items…Soon…STAY TURNED ! (DressLink Review) Read More »