1 Floral Skirt, 3 Looks | Fashion 101² Day 2

With one beautiful floral skirt, I put together three looks for you! Since the skirt is in a rich and dark blue, I picked three light color pieces as the top for the hot weather. Enjoy !

Look 1 Lace Up 

For the first look, I chose the simple creamy flower lace top to compliment the flowers on the skirt. Tucking in the top makes it a more formal look and helps to define the waist line. With this outfit, I chose a pair of black lace heel and bohemian inspired earrings. A perfect outfit for a date night, isn’t it ?Read More »

HIP-POP Look & Straight Outta Compton| OOTD

Hey friends,

I can’t wait to share with you my new sweater from NewDress, and this outfit inspired by hip-pop stars. After watching “Straight Outta Compton”, I am such in a hip-pop mood. When I am thinking about hip-pop fashion, I think of black, baggy clothes, Jerseys, and blingbling accessories. Then I feel this sweater is perfect for the look I want to achieve. After putting together an all-black outfit, I  accessorized  it with a light color shirt on the waist, and some gold bracelets.Read More »

Seven Outfits For Seven Different Nancys | Nancy’s Outfit Roundup #4

We humans are interesting creatures.

Like in the movie” Inside Out”, I feel there are many different personality traits inside of me that control my emotions. Depending who is in control, I will talk differently, act differently, and dress differently. Do you feel the same way ? Let’s meet these personality traits and how they affect my sense of fashion.

The Artsy Nancy ( Outfit : Dream in the Wonderland 

She is creative and romantic. She loves to draw, design, and create random and weird things. She loves art museums and craft stores. She would start a fashion line without a business plan. She is the girl who dreams big and shoots for the moon.Read More »

Navy Inspired |OOTD

Casual, easy to wear, on the go navy inspired look : Oversize T-shirt, Blue a-line shorts, comfy flats, and England flag tote bag. Oversize shirt will actually make you look thin, if you pair with the right shorts or jeans. ( Doesn’t apply on jackets and coats, too big of a coat will eat you up, unless you are going for the oversized-coat look ) This high waist shorts is one of my favorites. It goes with everything. I have been wearing it so many time.  Another tip for looking thin, pick shorts that are fit at the waist, and big at the bottom ( also apply on shirks).  This way the bottom gives you a lot of room , visually it makes your legs look thin. ( PS. Not that I think thin is everything, but I try to use the right items to look better for my figure. don’t you ? )Read More »

In The Nude | OOTD

I am really into the minimal look recently. So when I put on this Cap Sleeve mini shirt/dress, I was trying to keep it really simple: khaki Wedges, a boxy handbag, and some gold accessories. What I love about the shirt is the high waist, so it makes my legs look long. haha. It also come with a darker nude color belt, I just didn’t put it on. Guess how much is the shirt ? $5.49 . Whaaaaaaaaat ? I know. It’s actually the same company I got this top. This company is mind-blowing cheap, but after received 2 packages ( 9 items ) from them, i feel there are tricks to make the whole shopping experience better. So I am planning to do a review on all the 9 items…Soon…STAY TURNED ! (DressLink Review) Read More »