1 Floral Skirt, 3 Looks | Fashion 101² Day 2

With one beautiful floral skirt, I put together three looks for you! Since the skirt is in a rich and dark blue, I picked three light color pieces as the top for the hot weather. Enjoy !

Look 1 Lace Up 

For the first look, I chose the simple creamy flower lace top to compliment the flowers on the skirt. Tucking in the top makes it a more formal look and helps to define the waist line. With this outfit, I chose a pair of black lace heel and bohemian inspired earrings. A perfect outfit for a date night, isn’t it ?Read More »

HIP-POP Look & Straight Outta Compton| OOTD

Hey friends,

I can’t wait to share with you my new sweater from NewDress, and this outfit inspired by hip-pop stars. After watching “Straight Outta Compton”, I am such in a hip-pop mood. When I am thinking about hip-pop fashion, I think of black, baggy clothes, Jerseys, and blingbling accessories. Then I feel this sweater is perfect for the look I want to achieve. After putting together an all-black outfit, I  accessorized  it with a light color shirt on the waist, and some gold bracelets.Read More »

Engagement Photography: US vs. China + Our Photos !!!

Michael and I took our engagement photos a long time ago in China. One of them was my FaceBook profile picture for a while.  Why am I posting them right now? For two reasons: 1, Some of you ( friends in China ) were surprised to see me describing myself as a wife in the ” about ” post, and asked me where were the engagement/wedding photos. I think this is a great opportunity to share with you this important moment for me and Michael; 2, I noticed that there are very different styles in engagement photography between China and the US,  ( I am not a photography expert in either country, just some thoughts ) and I’d love to share them with you :

Buying the service VS. Buying the whole experience 

In the US, people are paying for the service : Photographers’ time and expertise. What you get are the digital photos. Usually you have to pay extra for prints and albums unless there are other arrangements made. Also, the photographer own the copyrights of all of the photos. The wedding photography business in China works in a different way. With almost any studio , big or small, you are getting the whole package. Not only the digital photos, but also albums, framed prints, makeup , hair, clothes, props for each theme you shoot. Different packages have different numbers of themes. Our package includes six themes, so they changed my makeup and hair six times. Read More »

Seven Outfits For Seven Different Nancys | Nancy’s Outfit Roundup #4

We humans are interesting creatures.

Like in the movie” Inside Out”, I feel there are many different personality traits inside of me that control my emotions. Depending who is in control, I will talk differently, act differently, and dress differently. Do you feel the same way ? Let’s meet these personality traits and how they affect my sense of fashion.

The Artsy Nancy ( Outfit : Dream in the Wonderland 

She is creative and romantic. She loves to draw, design, and create random and weird things. She loves art museums and craft stores. She would start a fashion line without a business plan. She is the girl who dreams big and shoots for the moon.Read More »

Nancy and Her Blog | Build Deeper Relationships: DAY 1

I started this blog NancyWang.co on May 1st, 2015. Since July 1st, I started to post more frequently, 6 DAYS a week. ( 5 Days a week from the week of August 10th.  -updated on 8/10/2015) .   Topics are more towards to fashion and personal style. Even I have been here for more than three months, I haven’t really induced myself to this big community. So today I want to tell you more about me and this blog. 😉Read More »