Victoria Beckham: Dress Like A Boss | Fashion 101² Day 6

Fashion 101² Day 5,  we talked about what to wear for a job interview. Today let’s upgrade the business attire and dress like the powerhouse : Victoria Beckham !

When people talk about Victoria nowadays , the titles come in mind is not singer or model, but business woman and fashion designer. With  her fashion label , She wants to empower woman without showing much skin. Look at her personal style , on the red carpet or in daily life, she looks sharp, elegant, and classic. She is the perfect model for her collection, and a style icon for the working girl!


victoria beckahm copy 4

The Classic Dress 

victoria beckahm 1 victoria beckahm


victoria beckahm copy

The Over-knee pencil Skirt 

victoria beckahm1 victoria beckahm copy 3

The Business Casual Coat 

coat 2 coat

What do you think of Victoria’s girl-boss look ? How do you dress to make you feel empowered ? Share with us in the commends section below! 

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Talk to you tomorrow ~Nancy


Featured image : Vogue & Pinterest

Fashion 101²101 days of fashion 101. Let’s go back to the fundamentals! In this section, we will talk about ways to wear a basic piece in your wardrobe ; different fashion terms and where they come from; fashion for different occasions and so on. If you have any fashion questions , please leave me a comment here ! I hope you will enjoy Fashion 101² as much as I enjoy writing them up !

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