Where do the term JEANS and DENIM come from ? | Fashion 101² Day 4

The word jeans comes from a kind of material that was made in Europe. The material, called jean, was named after sailors from Genoa in Italy, because they wore clothes made from it. The word denim came from the name of a French material, serge de Nimes: serge (a kind of material) from Nimes (a town in France).

A Bit of History 

At beginning, jean cloth was made from a mixture of materials. In the eighteenth century, because cotton plantations increased, jeans cloth started to be made completely by cotton. Workers love it because the material was strong and durable.

In 1848, gold was found in California and the famous Gold Rush began. Gold miners wanted clothes that were strong and did not tear easily. A young man called Leob Strauss ( later changed his name from Leob to Levi ) saw this huge demand in CA. He moved from New York to San Francisco and started his clothing wholesale business in 1853.


The problem with Levi’s , or any supplier’s jeans, was the pockets. They are easily tore away from the jeans. Jacob Davis had an idea of using metal rivets ( fasteners) to hold the pockets and the jeans together. He wanted to patent his idea, but he didn’t have enough money. He wrote to Strauss suggesting that they go into business together. After Levi accepted Jacob’s offer, they started to make copper-riveted ” waist overalls ” ( as jeans were called back then ) .

In 1886, Levi sewed a leather label on their jeans. The label showed a picture of a pair of jeans that were being pulled by two horses. This was to advertise how strong Levi jeans were: even two horses could not tear them apart.


How Denim Jeans Are Made 

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Resources :The Blue Jean Story 

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