What To Wear In A Job Interview | Fashion 101² Day 5

Dressing accordingly in a job interview may seem basic, but it is easier said than done. There is no impression like the first impression. Before you start your rounds of interviews, be sure to have a comfortable, clean, and fairly conservative outfit. If you are not looking your best, the interviewer may wonder how much worse it can get. Your attire showcases your level of professionalism.

Ok, Let’s get started ! 

The Power Suite: Pants or Skirts 


What to wear in an interview suite

“If I’m a young woman and I invest in a nice black pantsuit, I could use that one suit for interviews, but change the shirt, jewelry or scarf each time”-Amy Glass, a trainer and coach at Brody Communications Ltd.

The Statement Dress 

what to wear in an interview dress

Mix and match your button-up, blouse, pants, skirt, dress, and blazer: What to wear in an interview


Close-toed shoes and make sure they are clean.

what to wear in an interview

Some Extra Tips on your Look for a job interview : 

  • Clean-cut , neatly styled hair
  • No excess jewelry
  • No excess makeup
  • No excessive perfume
  • Neat trimmed nails
  • Small portfolio
  • Small handbag

Believe me, the first impression is important !! 

In a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers, 33% claimed to know whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds. Statistics show that first impressions are determined by : 55% the way you dress, act, and walk through the door. 38% the quality of your voice, grammar, and confidence. 7% the words you choose to say.  —Collegeatlas.org 


Every industry has its own definition of professionalism. Today we are talking about the traditional industries, like finance or accounting. If you are applying jobs in industries like fashion, art, performance, and etc, the rules here may not apply to you. The best way to know what the typical dress norms for the organization, is to visit the company, understand the ” dress culture” there, and dress one step above the norm. If you don’t have the luxury to visit the company a head of time, it’s OK to ask what to wear . 

Hope these tips will help you to prepare your next job interview ! Good luck !

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Fashion 101²101 days of fashion 101. Let’s go back to the fundamentals! In this section, we will talk about ways to wear a basic piece in your wardrobe ; different fashion terms and where they come from; fashion for different occasions and so on. If you have any fashion questions , please leave me a comment here ! I hope you will enjoy Fashion 101² as much as I enjoy writing them up !

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