1 Floral Skirt, 3 Looks | Fashion 101² Day 2

With one beautiful floral skirt, I put together three looks for you! Since the skirt is in a rich and dark blue, I picked three light color pieces as the top for the hot weather. Enjoy !

Look 1 Lace Up 

For the first look, I chose the simple creamy flower lace top to compliment the flowers on the skirt. Tucking in the top makes it a more formal look and helps to define the waist line. With this outfit, I chose a pair of black lace heel and bohemian inspired earrings. A perfect outfit for a date night, isn’t it ?

( Flower Skirt : NewDress.com | Lace Heels: Guess | Earrings : Chloe & Isabel  )
3P9A7742_meitu_7 3P9A7739_meitu_6 3P9A7732_meitu_5

Look 2 Button Up

For the second look, I want to put together a look for the working girl. I used a simple stripe button up shirt and a pair of comfortable flat from Cole Haan . With a busy day walking around the office, flats are your best friends. Since the shirt is simple enough, I added a statement pearl necklace. Like ?

( Skirt: Newdress.com | Shirt:  | Flats: Cole Haan )
3P9A7716_meitu_1 3P9A7720_meitu_2 3P9A7725_meitu_4

Look 3 White Tee

Chic and effortless. With half of the tee tucked in, this look is put-together but not over the top. I love the over-knee skirt layered with big coat look, so here I grabbed a great-find from a thrift store. It’s bazaar to wear a coat in this hot weather, but I would love to pull this look off during the winter !

(Top: Zara | Skirt : NewDress.com3P9A7780_meitu_13 3P9A7775_meitu_12 3P9A7772_meitu_11 3P9A7782_meitu_17 3P9A7791_meitu_15 3P9A7796_meitu_18What do you think of these three looks? Let me know how do you wear your over knee skirt in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by and don’t miss any OOTD by following me on Instagram and LookBook!

Talk to you tomorrow,


Fashion 101²101 days of fashion 101. Let’s go back to the fundamentals! In this section, we will talk about ways to wear a basic piece in your wardrobe ; different fashion terms and where they come from; fashion for different occasions and so on. If you have any fashion questions , please leave me a comment here ! I hope you will enjoy Fashion 101² as much as I enjoy writing them up !

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