Award: Brotherhood of The World | One Advice To Your Younger Self ?

I feel so honored to be nominated for the “Brotherhood of the World” award by Rashmi, who is the author of “Mind and Life Matters“. I am extremely impressed by what she has achieved in a short period of time: She is very involved in blogging 101 community and she build a strong relationship with her readers ; Her post was featured on freshly pressed; She got nominated for at least 4 awards. Rashmi is rocking it ! I admire her dedication on the blog and love her quality contents! She writes about gender equality, current issue on domestic violence, matters of mind & life, and self-improvement. She doesn’t only have a unique point of view, but also write like a poet. Want to see the world through the eye of a single Mom with an un-breakable passion to LIVE the Life? Then make sure you visit Rashmi’s blog ” Mind and Life Matters” !

Now let’s talk about this award’s interesting requirement: In order to become a proud member, you need to go through the 5 step program. 

Step 1 : Acknowledge the nomination and I have already done that above, Let’s move on.

Step 2: displaying the badge of the ” Brotherhood of the world” award. Here it is !!


Step 3 – display your feelings by answering the questions from the person who nominated you. Here are Rashmi’s questions and my answers :

  1. What is something you don’t want to regret when you are older? I don’t want to regret that I didn’t do something because I was afraid of failing . Example : YouTube , I am planning to start a YouTube channel.
  2. What is the one thing that you are terrified of? Height
  3. What activity do you never procrastinate on when it needs doing? Eat ? hahahaha. Joking. If I promised my friends to do something, I usually deliver my promise on time. I don’t like letting people down.
  4. What temptations would you be better off removing from your life? YouTube Videos. ;P I watch too many of them everyday.
  5. What song reminds you of the good times from your teenage years? It’s a song in Chinese by Stephanie Sun.

Step 4 : This is my favorite part of this program, where I announce the nominees of my choice. The nominees are:



Cathy Lynn Brooks

The Modern Itch



Fun Little Joys 

Step 5 Create your own 5 questions for the nominees.  So here goes:

  1. What’s your morning routine?
  2. What’s your favorite Fiction Book ?
  3. If you can give ONE advice to your younger self, what would it be ?
  4. Which movie you can watch over and over again?
  5. Do you have a role model? If yes, who is she/he and why she/he is your role model?

Have fun following the 5 Step Program my dear nominees. Love to see who you nominate and your answers!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to answer any of the questions above in the comment section ;D Time to know more about YOU!! Don’t miss any daily post by liking my FaceBook Page !

Talk to you tomorrow ,

Love, Nancy

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