7 Minimal LookBookers You Must Know | Style

LookBook.nu has always been a place for me to find inspirations. With me building a white themed minimal Instagram profile, designing a new simple and bright work space , you know that I have an obsession with the minimal lifestyle. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite LookBookers who are the masters of minimalism.  After you see their looks, you will truly believe that “Less is More”. 

No.1  Melissa Araujo : Fashion designer, Illustrator & dreamer from Canada. Her women’s wear clothing label M.A. is inspired by architecture and geometric shapes. Her collection is consistent with her LB profile: Clean and modern.

Melissa Araujo

No. 2 Lisa Dengler  Blogger at Just Another and she is based at New York. From Lisa “I believe in pursuing your dreams, in doing what you love every moment of every day, and in inspiring others to do the same. Because life is what you’re living, so make the best of it! ” Lisa Dengler

No.3 Sietske L: Fashion communicator from Netherlands.(Blog :CTF) Since she was a young kid she already loved fashion and played ‘fashion designer’ with her friends in stead of playing with her barbie’s & dolls. When she was 17 she started her education Fashion Design/Communication at the Art Academy and she graduated a couple of years later. During those years she launched her blog Connected to Fashion and shared all her inspiration and her own style with the world. Minimalistic and sporty chic with an edgy touch, that’s how you can describe her style. After 5 years of blogging she’s still enjoying it, always in search for the latest fashion trends and items. Sietske L

No.4 Kasia Gorol : Blogger at Jestem Kasia from Poland. She is a travel and personal style blogger.Kasia

No.5 Tatiana K : Fashion and beauty Photographer/filmmaker from Russian Federation . ( Tatiana Kurnosova and her blogTatiana K

No.6 Jenny Ong : Blogger from LA, USA.  Jenny Ong launched Neon Blush in November of 2010 as a creative break from her mundane academia. Her growing interests in photography have led her to explore ways individual expression could be seen through personal style posts. Being Los Angeles born and bred, Jenny steers the blog through her casual luxe west coast style by mixing high and low pieces.

Beyond the blog, Neon Blush is the careful balance between unique, trending pieces and classic and timeless basics, hence “neon” and “blush”. The chronicles of Neon Blush exist to inspire readers to discover their own balance in style and to wear their style confidently and comfortably.Jenny Ong

No.7 Dva Lau : Blogger/Photographer from Toronto, Canada. She has amazing photos on her blog: The Sarcastic AshtrayDva Lau( Source: From Lookbookers’ official websites and LookBook.nu. All images are owned by their respective holders. )

Hope you find they are inspiring as I did !! Let me know what do you think in the comments below! On LookBook.nu yourself?  Leave me your profile link, I’d love to see your looks!! 

Talk to you tomorrow,

Love, Nancy

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