Bluefin Birthday Dinner

For my birthday, Michael took me to Bluefin, an upscale Japanese fusion restaurant in Newport Coast. I have never been to Bluefin, so we decided to splurge a little with their best omakase (chef’s choice). The meal was exquisite, artistic, and consisted of nine courses and one soup. We paired the meal with a flask of cold sake.

Bluefin 1

The opening course was a bluefin toro tartare with caviar and edible gold flakes! The toro was melt in your mouth buttery and paired very well with the caviar.

Bluefin 2

The second dish was a soy cream tofu with soy sauce. This wasn’t like any tofu I’ve ever had, it was creamy beyond description.

This was followed by a sashimi salad with bluefin tuna and yellowtail. The flower above is edible!

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The fourth dish was an egg custard with uni (sea urchin) and truffle shavings. The uni has a sweet mild taste, while the truffle shavings have an overwhelmingly buttery flavor. I also love the bowl it came in – it is so cute!

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The next dish was a grilled live sweet shrimp. The presentation on this dish was amazing. The shrimp was grilled to perfection and the meat was sweet and tender.

The sixth dish was ayu in an eggroll wrap. I was the most unsure about this dish…until I bit into it tail first. It was crispy and absolutely delicious. All of the bones of the fish were removed and it was stuffed with shrimp.

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The sushi part of the omakase was paired with a miso soup with halibut and crabmeat. The sushi from left to right are: bluefin toro, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, wild king salmon, and uni. The fish were the freshest I have ever had.

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The last hot dish was a grilled A-5 grade wagyu ribeye. This is the highest grade of beef available in Japan. The meat is tender beyond description, but it is too rich to have more than a few bites.

The last dish was the dessert dish and consisted of raspberry sherbet and creme brûlée. Nothing special here, except everything was fresh made and the presentation was beautiful.

I had such a great experience at the Bluefin. If you are at the Newport Beach area, I would recommend you to check it out! 🙂 I am thinking to write more about travel and food in the future, what do you think ?

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Talk to you tomorrow, Love,~~ Nancy

3 thoughts on “Bluefin Birthday Dinner

  1. Wow, that dinner looks amazing! Happy belated birthday, I’m glad you got to enjoy it. I’d love to read more about your travels and food if it’s anything like this post.
    Have courage,

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