Is Legit or A Scam ? | Review

If we are friends on LookBook, FaceBook, Instagram, or you read my posts here, you know that recently I have been posting outfits with the items from  And many of you have asked me how it is, is it a trust worthy website. So I think it’s time to do a review.

For those of you just want a quick answer: No, is not a scam. If you are thinking to order from them, keep reading:

The Products and Quality :

Ok, It’s not the best quality clothes on the market, I think you will know that by their price. Flash sale $0.01 , and the  price for a dress is usually under $7. You can’t compare it with $50 products. It’s more like something you get from Forever 21 and papaya. On the other hand, I found it is really funny that I bought a skirt in a small boutique at Coast Mesa, California,  and I paid more than $25. Then I see it’s $8.06 on THE EXACTLY SAME SKIRT! ( This black and white stripe mini skirt ) 

The Little Nautical Dress 


After I saw the skirt, I ordered two packages from them, totally 9 items. I have already posted some of them previously, here is just a roundup:

Vertical Stripe Look | Item 1 : Casual sleeveless vertical stripe Top/Dress  $4.39


Heisenberg Look: Item 2 : Heisenberg inspired White Shirt $ 6.02

Navy Inspired Look: Item 3 Oversized short sleeve T-shirt  $ 6.02  & Item 4  Necklace $ 1.94


Flower Shirt Look: Item 5 : Flower Shirt  $11.46


The Sweet Heart Look: Item 6 : love pattern long sleeve chiffon blouse $ 5.90 & Item 7 :  Alloy Exaggerate Spikes Punk Necklace $ 3.22


In the Nude Look:   Item 8 : Casual shirt /mini dress $ 5.49 


Item 9 is a very pretty little black dress, sadly I was not able to wear it because of the size…which brings up an important point, the size.

Size : The size is tend to be smaller than what we see in the US. To help you get a better idea:  I am 5.8″ and 118 pound. Usually I wear 0-4 tops and 0-2 jeans. However on, I have to get Asian size Large ( US size M 8-10 ). There is one dress I got size M, and it is too short for me to wear it. Well, the good thing is that they seem to know the whole complicated size situation, so they usually have a size chart under almost every item. So if you know your bust, waist, and etc, you won’t have a problem with the size.

Shipping:Shipping is expensive ( compare with the product price ) and it takes a long time. If you go with the regular China post , it takes about 10-25 days to arrive to the USA. Also the price is adjusted by quantity. The more you order, the more you pay for shipping. Keep that in mind.

Should you buy from dresslink.comIn short , if you have a tight shopping  budget , don’t mind to wear something from like Forever 21 , don’t mind to wait for few extra days. You should shop on . And yes, if you are a blogger, who constantly needs new clothes 😛

If you are going to shop on, make sure to :do your homework on size and read the reviews ( they have a best review page, which is awesome) , also there is always a flash sale, make sure to take advantage of that !

Thank you so much for reading , share it with your friends ! 

LOVE ~ Nancy.  

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