“Arty Puppets” by Karl Lagerfeld | Fendi F/W 2015-16 Ad Campaige

When I opened my newest Bazaar magazine ( August,2015)  , I saw this amazing, interesting, creative ads by Fendi. I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ! Why I love it? Let’s start from the set. The puppets are wired, but I love them. They are like geometric form of Hopi Tihu. Black background defiantly make the puppets and clothes pop up. Models and makeup: Kendall and Lily are extremely beautiful as always. I like they only have the cat-eye makeup and keep everything else simple. Showcase items:  It’s Fendi, no explanation needed, right ?

“This is Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 Advertising campaign, called “Arty puppets“, pays homage to the work of Sophie Taeuber-Arp, who already inspired the collection and the set design of the fashion show in February 2015, as well as Fendi’s upcoming windows worldwide from September 2015. “

About this AD: Model: Kendall Jenner, Lily Donaldson  | Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-4 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-3


lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-1 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-6 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-7 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-8 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-11 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-12 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-13 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-20 lily-donaldson-kendall-jenner-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-fendi-fall-winter-2015-2016-14 (Source: Fendi official website ) 

Fendi Women’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Show

What do you think? What do you like or dislike about the campaign? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and share this post with your friends.

LOVE, ~ Nancy

3 thoughts on ““Arty Puppets” by Karl Lagerfeld | Fendi F/W 2015-16 Ad Campaige

  1. There are three big names in fashion industry whose work have not make sense to me yet. They are John Galliano, Tom Ford and Karl. I know Karl is a successful legend in fashion and I respect all his work, but the problem for me is that I believe Chanel is overrated. Just look at the unbelievable spacious space for the show, a supermarket or a real street. If people ignore the background, his work is just like a fashion student in my opinion. The problem for his work Fendi is that I am unable to identify which piece is from Fendi and which one is not. By saying that I mean I do not see any genetic transformation from Fendi. For example, we know Galliano’s work even the label is not on it. For the genetic legacy, Alexander Wang is another example. Karl does not have to be like that but Fendi’s style for me, is just like H&M. If you do not see the label, people cannot identify it

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    • I was surprised when I saw your long and thoughtful comment. Thank you for visiting and sharing your opinion.
      Differentiation is what you are talking about, right ? I think quite opposite. Most of the time i can identify Fendi’s products , especially their bags and fur coats. I like Fendi’s style more than LV, Chanel, and Gucci. I can’t say the same thing about all of Karl’s work , because I didn’t follow him close enough. At the same time, I think “fashion” is as subjective as art. There is no right and wrong.
      We may not agree on Fendi ‘s uniqueness in the fashion industry, but I think we have to agree that what made a brand is more than just the products. It’s also years of quality work, good business decisions, etc. I am not saying all the big name companies’ success makes sense, nor trying to defend Fendi. But they must did something right, because they are still one of the top luxury brand on the market.


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