6 On The Go Looks| Nancy’s Outfit Roundup #3

In the past, I have done outfits roundups for summer and rocker girls!  Today is all about easy to wear and comfortable. For me, my on the go outfit is all about two things :

1, Be ready for the weather. I don’t know where you live, but in California, 3/4 of the year it’s hot during the day and cool/chilly in the morning and evening. So I always put a jacket/coat in my car.

2, Comfortable ! Flats/boots and pants are my best friends. I guess everyone is different, I feel jeans/pants are more convenient when I am on a go go go mood.

And as always, not matter how simple the outfit is, look polished! You can easily achieve that with accessories.

#1 Fifty Shades of Blue 
7 Casual looks 6 7 Casual looks -7

#2 Casual Saturday 

7 Casual looks -4

#3 The Peppermint Coat 7 Casual looks -3 IMG_7006_meitu_4_meitu_2

#4 Little Red Riding Hood

7 Casual looks -10 7 Casual looks -9

#5 Bamboo 

7 Casual looks -1

#6Fake it till you make it ! 7 Casual looks -5

7 Casual looks -2 Want to see more:  Outfit Roundup #1  and Outfit Roundup #2  

Which of these looks you like the best ? What’s your typical on the go look ? Let me know in the comment below !

Thank you for reading and share it with your friends! 🙂

Love, ~Nancy

5 thoughts on “6 On The Go Looks| Nancy’s Outfit Roundup #3

  1. I’m loving #2 and #6. You’ve got a very flexible sense of style. That’s a goal that I have for myself. But first, I just need to adapt the habit of wearing dressing with purpose on the regular basis, haha.


  2. haha, I didn’t like them when I was a kid because it was hard to play in them. But I’m starting to like them alot now, especially since my husband seems to like them too.


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