Vertical Stripe Look | OOTD

It was challenging and fun to put this look together, because the top/dress is long, but not long enough that I am comfortable to wear nothing at the bottom. At the same time, I don’t want to wear it just like a regular top. So I sticked one side of the dress in a shorts, and left another side as it is. This way my legs will look longer. 😛 

I am thinking another awesome way to style this top-dress is to wear a black bra and black legging underneath. I might try that during the fall.

(OUTFIT : Vertical-Stripe top/dress: DressLink  | Shorts : D’zzit |  Boots: Delicacy )

I have a Dresslink review coming up sometime next week, ( I got about 10 things there, they are sooooo cheap 😀 ) , stay tuned ! ( Read the review ) 

Vertical Stripe look 2

Vertical Stripe look 6

Vertical Stripe look 1

Vertical Stripe look 3Thank you for reading and share this look with your friends !

Love, Nancy

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