7 Dresses for Summer| Nancy’s Outfits Roundup

I was sorting up my data today and found many pictures I took for my previous blog. Then I was thinking why don’t I put some of them together and write a summer outfit inspiration post ! So here I am with my past 7 outfits , and you can find more on LookBook .

# 1 Stella Lace-up pouf dress (Dress : Grelin | Toe: Mix No.6 | Purpse: Poppie Jones)3P9A0895_meitu_47 dresses inspirations for summer 1 7 dress inspirations for summer 2 

#2 Purple Ribbon Piping Dress + Flower Jacket  7 dress-outfit for summer

#3 The Nerdy Dog I love dresses with unique graphic like this one~  And I love dog, I have a cute 7 month golden retriever -Ellie, and an American Short Hair Cat-Chloe. So this dress is perfect for me !7 dress-outfit for summer 2

#4 The Classic Red Lace Dress. Thanks  Jonathan Roberts  for these two awesome pictures he took for me at a outdoor fashion show.  It’s a no-brainer that a red dress will help you standout at a event like this.. But in my opinion , it’s kind of over-the-top for everyday’s wear, at least this one. 7 dress-outfit for summer 3

#5 Sexy Blue dress: Ok , It’s kind weird to have toys all over me on the street…how about we pretend that I just came back from Universal Studio ?7 dress-outfit for summer 4 7 dress-outfit for summer 5

# 6 Ted Baker Pretty Print 7 dress-outfit for summer 6 7 dress-outfit for summer 7 

#7 Simple, but one of my favorites! It’s from Armani Exchange.  7 dress-outfit for summer 7 7 dress-outfit for summer 8

That’s my 6 Summer-outfits round-up.  Which one do you like? Also find me on instagram @nancywang.co , I have more OOTD and everyday pictures there ! Thank you for stopping by. Talk to you soon !

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