10 DIY Sneakers That You Will Love To Wear !

#1. Let’s start with A Beautiful Mess’s DIY Project with Van’s Girls ! Drawing + transferring magazine images to sneakers= Creative ! 

Screenshot 2015-05-15 12.48.366a00d8358081ff69e2016768549a52970b-800wi

#2 Story by MODCLOTH ‘s project incldues 5 awesome designers. I love the cat one the most, how about you ? mg_5715

#3 , Hellocrissey posted a detailed tutorial on how to DIY this ombre sneakers.

10 DIY sneakers you will actually love to wear 4

#4 Isidora Morales paint this pair of Vans sneaker with leopard prints. Love love love her blog, the only problem is that I don’t understand anything she is writing. Amazing photos girl !leopard_sneakers_by_elblogdelupi_dot_com_1

#5 TiB’S stenciled sneakers. This design is so classic and elegant!


#6 Supper fun Wing shoes by MightyMannie , and it’s inspired by Jeremy Scott & Adidas

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 4.35.58 PM

#7 Cute polka dot sneakers by Malia at Yesterday on Tuesday  


#8 Another paper image transfer to fabric. I love the flower print AlwaysRooney picked, great for summer!


#9 Design yourself and paint it on ! Like Brytning’s “Police public call box” Sneaker


#10 WhatIWore’s Colorful sneaker ( also featured on Redbook Magazine).


 Let me know which DIY you like the most ! You have made a kick-ass sneakers before? leave me a link and I will love to see! Want to see more?  I created a Pinterest board for you ! Check it out! 

Keep Calm and DIY is on !

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